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  • 09/25/2021 4:20 AM | Anonymous

    RSN connects returning citizens and those who have been criminally justice involved and their families to providers of evidence based resources cutting through the barriers to successful reentry & creating pathways to community.

    Reentry Solutions Network
    P.O. Box 3494
    Tallahassee  FL 32315

    Greetings friends,

    On October 11, 2021, through God's amazing grace, I will be clean and sober for 10 years. That is when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. That is when God's purpose for my life began becoming more clear to me.  

    Today my life work centers around helping "one of the least of these" -Helping those in prison and those with addictions. Helping those returning home to our communities to  live their best lives .

    Reentry Solutions Network (RSN) is a culmination of the last ten years of the work I have been doing to help the least of these. RSN provides connections to the holistic resources needed for a person to build their best life. A life of well being and purpose. 

    The RSN Network is a Membership Network that provides help and resources to Organizations and Businesses serving persons returning home to our communities. RSN also serves the person and their family who need the resources and helps them to build their best life.   

     RSN is now open for Membership to Individuals & Organizations. All of our memberships are reasonably priced and affordable to all . Individuals are just $1.00 per month or $10 per year. Memberships for Organizations are just $5.00 per month or $50.00 per year.

    All Memberships Include up to date information and data on the best evidence based Reentry resources. Memberships include:

    • RSN Career Center with FREE resume builder , Job Boards and Resume Boards, Career Builder Information and Resources.
    • National Social Service Directory with over 500,000 listings for resources -over 1200 in every county in the United States.  
    • RSN Learning Center with over 150 personal development courses with life skills, anger management , conflict resolution, Microsoft Office Excel and Word. Human Resources classes and workshops for organizations and Employers, 
    • When you join as an Organization and/or Provider you are listed in our exclusive Reentry Provider Directory with designated info page describing your services and contact information and making it easy for those who are looking for programs and services to find you.
    • Our RSN Store is in development and will open soon. It will provide publications and materials for individual use and publications for use in programs based on evidence based practices.
    • We will be providing online EVENTS exclusively to our Members - Career and Job Fairs, Key Note Speakers and exclusives from Reentry Professionals. 
    • Monthly Newsletter and BLOG with updates and information on Reentry.

    Please click here to JOIN and become a Member today! By becoming a member for as little as $1.00 a month you help provide the resources to our partner organizations and to individuals and their families who are building their best lives with purpose and well being and becoming contributing members of our communities!

    With warmest regards and blessings,

    Dale White

    Founder of Reentry Solutions Network 

    Mathew 25:35-36  For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home.  I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’

  • 04/10/2021 3:32 AM | Anonymous


    Reentry Solutions network , , is now up and running!  As we continue to add content and fine tune everything we ask for your patience where we still have a few glitches to fix. Please come and take a look at the many reentry solutions we have provided for our members.  

    We are building a  network of Reentry Professionals and Providers who can impact recidivism by getting better outcomes through our evidence based best practice services and resources and passing those on to  the individuals , families and communities that are being affected by our broken criminal justice system . 

    Here are some of the attributes of Reentry Solutions Network:

    Our Memberships offer the following attributes:

    • National  Directory of  Premier Reentry Resource Providers 
    • National Directory of  Reentry Coaches & Navigators 
    • Career Center & National Directory of Second Chance Employers is in development
    • National Directory of over 465,000 Social Service Providers
    • lifeROCS - Recovery tools for alcohol & substance abuse accessible 24/7 with technology. 
    • Learning Management System  (LMS) - Great for Providers and their staff's as well as Returning Citizens and their families! We will provide online educational opportunities in the following areas of study:
    • Soft Skills Courses
      • Administrative Development Courses
      • Career Development Courses
      • Human Resources Courses
      • Personal Development Courses
      • Sales & Marketing Courses
      • Supervisors & managers Courses
      •  Workplace Essentials Courses


    • Subscriptions to Reentry Central - the National Website for up to date news on reentry and criminal justice reform
    • Access to Reentry Emporium - our online store featuring all things concerning reentry - Books, Publications, DVD's , Reentry Program Materials,  Research etc.

    We will also offer a National Certification Curriculum providing a Career Path  for Reentry Coach's & Navigators with a focus on PEERS - those with lived experience in the criminal justice system. Who better to help those coming home than someone who has slept in their bed and walked in their shoes? 

    We look forward to serving you in the days, weeks and years ahead as together we change lives and achieve better outcomes.

    Please consider joining our contact list so we can keep you updated !


  • 03/10/2021 5:49 AM | Anonymous

    How I Got Here with Dave Fiore

    In this episode, host Dave Fiore speaks with Dale White. Dale is president and CEO of Reentry Solutions Network, the reentry program director for Good News Outreach and the founder of The Living Harvest.

    For the last nine and a half years, Dale has dedicated his life to helping formerly incarcerated individuals with substance abuse disorders reenter society successfully. It is a calling he is all too qualified to fulfill. A life of alcoholism and drug abuse that included serial infidelity and dangerous associations eventually landed Dale in prison. But his story took a sharp turn when he found peace through a genuine faith in God and a determination to stop the cycle and focus on serving others.

    He now serves on numerous boards, has discussed criminal justice reform at the White House and is leading the way in creating meaningful pathways for reentry success.

  • 02/21/2021 7:31 AM | Anonymous

    Greetings and thank you for your interest in Reentry Solutions Network (RSN). We are getting close to the  launch of RSN  and believe that will be March 2021.

    In the process to develop RSN I wanted to make sure we were going to provide the latest evidence based research  and resources to our members . I feel we have done that as we have collaborated with many subject matter experts.

    My lived experience in the criminal justice system and my work over the past 10 years of serving those with criminal justice backgrounds  as well as  working with others in the field of Reentry has provided me with the desire and the vision to develop RSN.  

    With over 12 million human beings cycling through incarceration every year and a national recidivism rate above 70 percent  after 5 years of release you can see how failed reentry is affecting not just those serving time but their families and our communities that they are returning home to.

    The vision for RSN is to provide access to resources that evidence based research has shown to be successful at helping to make the transition from criminal justice involvement and lived experience in the criminal justice system back home and into our communities successfully. 

    That has required many elements which I will talk about on my next blog entry soon. 

    More to come soon!

    Dale White, RSN Founder & President 


  • 10/08/2020 5:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    By Dale White , Founder & President 

    Greetings friends.

    The Vision for Reentry Solutions Network (RSN) began about 9 years ago in 2012 when I began going back into prisons as a volunteer with Celebrate Recovery at the suggestion of my Sponsor. He suggested that I needed to give back. I was in my early months of recovery. My sobriety date is October 10th, 2011. When I was released from prison in Florida in May of 2000 the last thing I said I ever wanted to do was to go back inside for any reason. But here it was 11 years from my release and I was on a downward spiral and headed there if I couldn't get it together. My sponsor suggested that if I gave back and helped others like me it would give me a better chance of staying clean and sober. I was 55 and had been trying unsuccessfully to get clean & sober and stay clean & sober for most of my adult life. My addictions are what landed me in prison. I wanted to stay clean and sober and not go back to prison as a resident so I took the suggestion and went as a volunteer.

    Fast forward through over 9 years of serving those in prison and those returning home. I founded The Living Harvest in 2013, a residential reentry nonprofit that now has 26 beds and three Thrift Stores as social enterprises and have been a Celebrate Recovery Inside State Rep for years,

    I moved on from The Living Harvest in August 2019 and I have been serving on an Executive Level Committee for the Florida Department of Corrections for Reentry and Work Force Development (remember they once incarcerated me ) and the Community Advisory Board for the Institute for Justice Research & Development at FSU. I am the Program Manager for Mercy House , a Reentry Program with Good News Outreach in Tallahassee that contracts with the Dept. of Corrections and GEO to provide Reentry Services.

    I  was chosen in 2016 by Just Leadership USA to participate in their Leading with Conviction Leadership Training Program ( .and also in 2016 I was invited to the Executive Session on Community Corrections at Harvard and to the White House for a Convening on Criminal Justice Reform. I was invited and attended an appreciation dinner held by First Lady Ann Scott at the Florida Governors Mansion in 2018 with about 40 other leaders from around  state and have been involved with Reentry in every way you can imagine.

    I tell you all these things because they have shaped and refined my vision for Reentry Solutions Network. Why RSN? Because every day I look at a 78 % Reentry failure rate in the face and know we have got to do better. Seventy-eight percent of those released from incarceration will be re-arrested within five years of being released. Six hundred thousand , 600,000 will be released from prisons this year. Twelve million more will cycle in and out of our jails. 

    I believe we can do better and I believe RSN will provide the opportunities for returning citizens and our communities to make it happen! Please join me and on my next Blog Post and I will explain in more detail how I propose we do that ! Till then, remember-


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